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Route of the walls
Route of the Walls Located in Soria, this route has a great historic value. On its origins, the walls were a great and useful defensive system and had more than 5,500 metres of length and almost 100 hectares or area that allowed its citizen to prosper. The route of the walls are well marked with bronze arrows on the floor into the urban area and, in the per urban areas it is marked with milestones. There are also informative monoliths in the places where the doors of the walls used to be.
Speleology in the Cueva Galiana
It is located in the Río Lobos Canyon, declared in 1985 as Natural Park and in 1987 a Bird Protected Area, This wonderful place gives the visitor the chance of making two different routes with different levels of difficulty. *For more information, please contact: (+34) 975 12 3747
Adventure Park "el Amogable"
In this park you will enjoy of the most pure and funny way of nature thanks to the perfect facilities that gives you a wide range of activities like, for example: interpretative hiking, orientation, rafting, archery, kayak or canoe, ascent... and many other.
Ruta de los yacimientos
This route includes three different sites: the site of Numancia in Garray, located in a strategic place in the Garray Mountain delimited by the Iberian System and the Duero River; The Uxama site, declared as an interest cultural asset in 1997 located in the Castro Mountain; and the Tiermes site, dating from XV century before Christ.
Route of the "icnitas"
If you are a passionate of history and you will an extraordinary appeal to the biggest animals that have populated the Earth, we recommend you to visit "Tierras Altas" of Soria. An experience that will take you 150 million of years back to the past, when this area was full of lagoons, lakes and an exuberant flora, the footprints of this amazing animals were fossilized, living this remains known as "icnitas".